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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 05:35

Time With Next Step

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I was placed with Next Step as I had had problems at my previous placement.  I was with Next Step for over a year and never had any problems in my key working sessions.  My key worker, Karen, was always on point with our sessions, and in those sessions I learnt how to put up curtains by myself, learnt how to register water, gas, tv, bills etc.  I accidently broke my door and they nearly had to pay for a new one, instead Karen brought her tools and we fixed it together.  The shower head also wasn’t working, instead of getting the maintenance people to fix it, me and Karen went to B&Q, got a new one and fixed it ourselves.  She explained that when I moved in alone I’d have to pay for all that to get fixed, so it was better that I learnt how to do it.

Karen was the best.  I literally told her everything, even when I got in trouble or whatever, and that’s because we created a good relationship even though we did have disagreements.  I had never had my own Christmas tree before and we put one up together.  Karen made my Christmas feel special.


Next Step helped me to get myself to be independent and to manage my money.  Karen supported me in everything I needed support with and even when I didn’t feel like going, pushed me and got me up in the morning to make sure I was up and ready to deal with my appointments.

I learnt so much about independent living with Next Step and still keep in touch with Karen.

Deborah Issa


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