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NSCM aims to provide services which involve and empower YP/A as fully as possible. From time to time people may feel that this aim and the stated objectives of the service have not been met. We would like to know about this and to do our best to put it right.

Many problems arise from misunderstandings and genuine mistakes and can be resolved by talking to an Outreach Worker. Every attempt will be made to resolve a complaint as soon as possible. However, YP/A, professionals, contractors have the right to make formal complaints if they feel the problem cannot be resolved in this way.

Alternatively YP/A and professionals can contact the Regional Manager or raise their concern in writing by completing NSCMs Complaints / Compliment form.

All complaints will be investigated by the manager.
We also want to hear from YP/A and professionals when things have gone well and welcome any feedback.
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 Complaint / Compliment Form

Welcome letter 

I would like to welcome you to Next Step Care Management Ltd (NSCM) and hope that you will achieve your goals and ambitions, with our support, during your time with us. 

We would like you to make full use of we have to offer. This information has been designed to answer some of the questions and signpost you to national organisations or websites and provide more detailed information can be found on our website www.nscm.co.uk, in Young People / Adults Advice and Information section. 

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for or have a question you want to ask please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will be interested to hear what you think about our website and the information available. If you have any ideas of what else we should include please let your Outreach Worker know.

Whilst you are with NSCM, if there is anything you are unhappy about, you should discuss it with your Outreach Worker and explore ways to work round the issue. However if you would like to raise the matter with someone else you could ask to meet with the regional manager, just call the office that is working with you.  Alternatively you may wish to raise your concern in writing by completing our complaints form which you can download from www.nscm.co.uk, Young People / Adults Advice and Information section, complaints form. 

You have a right to be free from abuse and harassment, and we would encourage you to bring to our attention anything you feel may threaten that. 

I would like to make you aware that there is also a formal process to air your concerns, complaints or compliments. If you feel that your concern/complaint has not been listened too you should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. outlining your concerns or request a call back. Alternatively you can complete NSCM complaint / compliment form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our key aim is to ensure that after your time with NSCM, that you have the skills and confidence to move forward, live independently and take control of your future.  

Andrew Savva




Download the full Young People / Adults handbook in PDF format


In 1994 we became one of the first companies to offer an alternative to residential accommodation by giving vulnerable Young People / Adults a real opportunity to experience independent living in stand-alone accommodation.  

Today we are a nationwide organisation which has offered accommodation and outreach support to thousands of vulnerable Young People (16+) and Adults (YP/A) enabling them to achieve positive outcomes. 

We provide flexible, responsive and needs led packages that promote life skills and transition to independence.




We are committed to providing the right conditions to enable YP/A to achieve positive outcomes which support them to transition to independence. When YP/A leave the accommodation and support provided by NSCM they will be able to: 

• Live independently 
• Manage their money draw up a budget
• Purchase gas/electricity weekly
• Access and arrange provision of utilities
• Plan a healthy menu
• Prepare and cook basic healthy meals
• Write a CV
• Make an application for courses /training 
• Complete a job application 
• Apply for welfare benefits 
• Use public transport and take short journeys 
• Understand the consequences of their actions 
• Make positive life choices 


We will provide:


Good quality, appropriate sized accommodation in chosen area.

• All furniture and white goods
• Rent on chosen/allocated accommodation 
• Deposit and securities on accommodation 
• Help to identify temporary and permanent accommodation 
• Removal costs into NSCM accommodation 
• Removal Costs into permanent accommodation 
• Landlord/tenant liaison 
• Financial and practical support (arranged at time of referral if required)
• Starter Pack of provisions and household items 
• Payment of water bills 
• TV license 
• Monthly phone card
• Life skills monies 
• Smoke alarms First aid kit and fire blanket 
• Home maintenance/tool kit 
• Vouchers at Christmas / birthdays / other religious ceremonies 

 Outreach support 

Agreed outreach visits per week (From 3 hours to 24/7) including a health and safety visit.  We will support to identify. 

• Education and training opportunities. 
• Employment and CV services. 
• Access local community services and resources. 
• GP and Dentist.
• General health and safety advice/support.
• Drugs and alcohol information. 
• Support and advice with emotional issues. 


• To design an individual leisure plan 
• Confidence to deal with utility service providers complete forms (TV License, Job Seekers Allowance etc.)
• Support with National Insurance (NI) and birth certificate. 
• 24-hour telephone advice line. 

 Personal development and networking 

• Life skills, role modelling, information and worksheets. 
• Follow up visit once in the first permanent accommodation 
• Weekly updates for NSCM and updates to social workers according to individual care plans
• Visits and contacts to be recorded on file within 48 hours.
• Reports for reviews and end of placement report. 
• Honest and trusting relationships with outreach workers and other professionals. 
• Relationship with peers neighbours etc. 

 Support and advice on establishing personal and domestic hygiene routines

• Health 
• Budgeting 
• Training/education/recreation 
• Emotional wellbeing  
• Future plans 

 Real life experience and high-quality independence training 

• Tailored support packages and accommodation to meet individual needs. 
• An adult role model that will be available to give support and advice when required or as agreed as part of the care plan. 
• YP/A encouraged to take calculated risks and to learn by their mistakes and try again. 

 A skilled, experienced and/or qualified workforce. 

• Staff qualified in health and social care, social work, teaching, psychology and other relevant disciplines that can demonstrate skills in child development, community involvement, youth justice, advocacy, motivational techniques, parenting, sexual health etc. 
• Assessment, planning and review documents as specified in the care plan. 
• To attend regular meetings with referring agencies to discuss YP/A placement and progression. 
• Telephone access to the outreach worker assigned to the YP/A during office hours and telephone access to an out of hours advisory line. 


• To develop independent living skills. 
• To increase the YP/A self-esteem and sense of self-worth. 
• To assist in personal development. 
• To develop positive peer group relations and appropriate relationships with authority. 
• To decrease a criminal mind set and behaviour. 
• To increase and diversify a YP/A recreational and leisure activities. 
• To teach the YP/A to use their spare time in a more constructive manner.
• To develop the YP/A sense of responsibility and accountability for their own behaviour.
• To increase the YP/A social skills, problem solving skills, communication skills and self-care skills. 
• To decrease impulsive, out of control behaviour in the YP/A and increase their ability to manage behaviour themselves and to make positive decisions about their behaviour. 
• To develop appropriate expressions of sexuality in the YP/A. 

 NSCM will ensure the YP/A:

• Has regular contact with an Outreach worker, as agreed, as part of the care plan.
• Has been given the opportunity to improve numeracy and literacy skills accompanied to seek work, education or training. 
• Shown how to complete a job application form. 
• Given various interview techniques and tips. 
• Is Shown how to apply for Welfare Benefits accompanied to career, benefit advice agencies and job centres. 
• Shown how to access and arrange provision of utilities. 
• Made aware of issues around fire safety. 
• Accompanied on regular shopping trips. 
• Given information on nutrition. 
• Shown on how to prepare and cook basic meals. 
• Shown how to carry out basic household duties (i.e. cleaning, ironing, etc.).
• Given information on general health issues such as sexual health, testicular/breast cancer, pregnancy and contraception. 
• Have had experience of using leisure time appropriately. 
• Have had experience using public transport on a regular basis.
• Have had experience drawing up realistic budgets purchasing gas/electricity weekly menu planning. 


We aim to support vulnerable YP/A to manage their: 

• Relationship with family, peers, neighbours, staff and other professionals.

• Accommodation.

• Personal and domestic hygiene.

• Budgeting.

• Physical and emotional health.

• Training/education/employment/recreation.


To achieve these aims we: 

Tailor the support and accommodation to meet the needs of the individual.

• Provide real-life experience and high quality independence training, which builds resilience and self-belief.

• Support the YP/A to restore and maintain the highest standards of personal, physical, mental health and hygiene.

• Enable the YP/A to challenge and overcome issues associated with rejection, discrimination, frustration and persecution on any grounds (i.e. gender, age, sexual orientation, race).

• Provide chances for the YP/A to make informed choices about their lives.

• Help the YP/A to understand the consequences of, and refrain from, unproductive, offending and antisocial behaviour.

• Enhance and develop moral, cultural, social, emotional and religious wellbeing.

• Tailor support for the YP/A using assessment, planning and review.

• Listen to the voice, wishes and feelings of the YP/A, working together to achieve the desired outcomes. 

We are able to accommodate and tailor intervention packages to support vulnerable Young People 16+ and Adults, unaccompanied asylum seekers, teenage parents, YP/A with learning needs, children in care, families and their children, refugees, young offenders, challenging behaviour and sexually inappropriate behaviour. 

This is not an exhaustive list, referrers should contact the office in their area to discuss the needs of the YP/A.


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