16+ Independence

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16+ Independence=
Our 16+ programme is designed to offer young people the freedom to experience the real life pressures of the outside world as well as enjoying the freedoms and responsibilities of living as independently as their skills allow.

Our programmes are adapted to the young person's emotional and physical needs at any given time so that the young person can play a full, meaningful and appropriate part in their community and form constructive relationships with those around them.

We aim to help the young person manage their:

- Accommodation.

- Budgeting.

- Emotional well being.

- Future plans.

- Health.

- Personal and domestic hygiene.

- Relationships with family

- Relationships with outreach workers and other professionals.

- Relationships with peers, neighbours, etc.

- Training/education/recreation.


 We contract with social services with the following explicit aims:

- To provide good quality accommodation with weekly health and safety check.

- To provide real life experience and high quality independence training and support.

- To provide an adult role model who will be available to give support and advice when required.

- To provide young people with the chances to make INFORMED choices about their lives.

- To ensure that we only use staff who can demonstrate skills in promoting child development,

- community involvement, youth justice support, advocacy, motivational techniques, parenting

 skills, sexual health advice, etc.

- To provide assessment, planning and review documents as specified by the service provision of each scheme.

- To provide regular weekly updates detailing the progress of the young person and detailed reports to support the review process.

- To attend regular meetings with referring agencies to discuss the placement and progress of the individual.

- To offer young people 24 hour telephone access to an outreach worker.

All 16+ package come with, as standard:

- Good quality one/two/three bedroom flat/studio in chosen area

 (which are given a weekly health and safety check).

- Good quality furniture and white goods.

- All essential items for the young person to keep (bedding, kitchenware, hoover, etc.)

- Starter pack of provisions and sundry household items.

- TV licence and help to budget for the following year.

- Smoke alarm, CO1 detector and First Aid kit.

- Freephone advice number.

All 16+ packages are negotiable and individual elements of service can be purchased.

For example, lifeskills budget for recreational activities may be included or weekly bus travel or allowances administered on behalf of the local authority.

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