Edge of Care

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Edge of Care=
Next Step Care Management is able to provide a service to relevant Social Services Teams whereby our staff will work with young people in the family home, or in the local community.

Staff will engage with the young person to try to prevent family breakdown and the individual being placed in care.

Our experienced staff teams are able to provide the following:

- One to One support for the young person whilst living at home.

- A positive role model and mentor.

- Help to understand why a relationship with a parent/carer may have 

 broken down, and opportunity to discuss problems, difficulties and aspects of their lives which have impacted negatively.

- Support to use local community recreational facilities and use of leisure amenities. 

- Support to identify, access and engage with relevant support services such as Connexions, YOT, medical services, etc.

- Support to identify, access and engage with educational programmes and work related training.

- Practical help to identify and improve independent living skills such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, washing.

- Help to set and achieve goals with positive outcomes.

- Support in family visits and contact with estranged family.

- Support in building self esteem and confidence.

- Support in building and improving social skills and help to pursue a non-offending lifestyle.

- Sexual health awareness and support with STD screening.

- Drugs and alcohol awareness and support to access appropriate services.

- Support in attending court and youth justice appointments.

- Practical support to get up and out of the house in order to fulfil educational commitments in a timely manner.



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