Mental Health / Vulnerable Adults

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Mental Health Support Package

At NSCM we pride ourselves in doing our best to meet each person’s needs as best we can.  We have a variety of staff with a wealth of experience and knowledge, and will provide tailor made packages and staffing levels.

We support people to access the services they need, assisting them to make and attend appointments, and having the knowledge and experience to identify any concerning changes in behaviours and mood.

Staff support people coming out of a Mental Health units to re-integrate into the community helping them to live in a place they feel comfortable and confident and enabling them to move forward whilst supporting them to try and help prevent any further admissions.

We help each person to access education or employment supporting them where necessary and encouraging them when they feel able to.  Staff are able to support people managing their medication.  We have an out of hours advice line that people can call if they need support or advice, and this will enable staff to get any help needed to them if required.

We will assist people to access counselling and advice services and work closely with specialist mental health support teams and out of hours services.

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