Monitoring And Assessment Flat

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NSCM will provide suitable accommodation for YP/A’s to live in, that will allow both NSCM and Social Services to assess their current independent living skills, risks and to identify a plan to help the YP/A learn the required skills.

Staff will work towards completing the Independent living portfolio provided by Social Services and will help the YP/A to achieve the individual units. This package will be for 12 weeks at any given time and can be terminated at any point with two weeks’ notice from either party, or a YP/A can be moved by NSCM if behaviour is at an unmanageable level in the local community or the property.


 This package will include weeks:

• 1 + 2 =  15 hours support
• 3 + 4 =   8 hours support
• 5 + 6 =   6 hours support
• 7 + 8 =   4 hours support
• 9+     =   3 hours support

From time to time some YP/A’s may require further support. NSCM are provide increase support if required, at additional cost. The social worker should discuss increased support with NSCM manager by week 9 of the package.

We have created this package to prevent YP/A’s spending large amounts of time in Bed &Breakfast where they are unable to use the Independent skills they have and will be able to increase cooking and budgeting skills.

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