Julian Assirati – Regional Manager – South West & South Wales

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Position: Placements Manager

Years with Next Step (as of Jan  2014): 20


Work Experience prior to Next Step Care Management Limited:

1988 – 1994 L.B Hammersmith and Fulham Youth Worker in charge at various clubs,

 projects for young people with disabilities.



1987 – 1990 L.B Southwark Part time youth worker in clubs and projects borough wide. 

1985 – 1987 Turning Point Youth and Community Work apprentice (Full Time)

1982 – 1985 L.B Southwark Part time youth work including detached and club based work.  



Youth and Community Work Degree 

City and Guilds Gas Service Engineering

Various GCSE’s 

Emergency Aid

Qualified FA Referee

FA Coaching Level 1


Training Courses Attended: 

Emergency Treatment

Basic Health and Safety

Risk Assessment

Welfare Rights

Resistance and Low Motivation

Dyslexia Awareness

Moving and Handling

First Aid

Working with People with low motivation

Management Skills


Health and Safety at work

Post Graduate Course in Youth Social Work

Child Protection Julian Assirati


Languages Spoken: 


Broken Italian


Additional Information:

Member of the London Football Association Youth Council

Chair and Child Protection Officer for London Saturday Youth Football League. 


Julian Assirati

Please describe a Next Step young person’s case study and describe any aspects of your work with him/her which was particularly challenging, rewarding, or served as an indication of gaps in provision in services for young people: 

G was a young man from the Orthodox Jewish Community who was referred to Next Step due to a family breakdown and alleged Schedule 1 offence.  

Initial work was based around how his faith affected his personal life and how best to reconcile the pressures of young men in Western Society with the expectations on how his community expected him to behave.   An example of this would be that G was reluctant to give up sport.  He was playing rugby at a high level for his age because he played on Saturdays this brought conflict with his family and the community.  

We also had many discussions around his faith and how he felt that the local Jewish community practiced many inequalities.  My role within this was often to get G to look at his faith and how he then came into conflict with expectations.  This enabled him to examine fully the choices he was making.  

The alleged Schedule 1 offence was apparently based on a discussion and inquisitive episode that he had had with his sister, no accusation was made that he had touched her or in any way interfered with her.  G had remained upset that any accusation had ever been made and that he had in any way harmed his sister.  The work around this issue was based around discussions looking at norms for sexual behaviour in the local Jewish community and in the wider community of London.   

During the placement G was able to demonstrate a good awareness of budgeting, health and hygiene, education and employment issues as they related to him. Whilst in education G worked part time and when leaving school gained full time employment.

Since leaving Next Step this young man has married and moved to Australia where he is now a parent and is in university studying to be a Chiropractor.  

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