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Adebisi Kobari

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Position: Outreach Worker

Years with Next Step (as of Jan 2014):  5


Work Experience prior to Next Step Care Management Limited:

Project/Support Worker : I have been engaged through various agencies working with Southwark/Lewisham/Lambeth community projects for Children and Adults. 

I offered support and assistance to service users, liaising with health, welfare and housing agencies, and providing support in individual independence training programmes.


Estate Agent/ Property Manager :  I dealt with client complaints, difficulties and liaised with external agencies to resolve customer issues. On occasions I had to deal with very challenging behaviours in the course of my duties.

Land Registry Administrator : Lagos, Nigeria. 


Business and Finance Degree

N.V.Q/ Diploma. Underpinning Knowledge in Supported Housing  



Training Courses Attended: 

Soltech Housing training   

Housing Management/Tenancy Management 

Role of the Housing Officer 

Fraud Awareness  

Repairs/Rent collection/Rent arrears collection 

Anti-social Behaviours

Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook 


Languages Spoken: English, Yoruba


Adebisi Kobari

Please describe a Next Step Young Person’s case study and describe any aspects of your work with him/her which was particularly challenging, rewarding, or served as an indication of gaps in provision in services for young people:

One of my earliest experiences as an Outreach Worker with Next Step was working with a young man with anger issues.  This was a young man who had been reluctant to live independently, hesitant to change and constantly willing to challenge authority.  During our initial meetings he often displayed high levels of aggression, which I found very unsettling.  It was evident that the longer our visits were or the more that engaged, the more productive our working relationship.  

Over a period of three to six months the trust between us grew, I began to feel more comfortable about enforcing Next Step’s boundaries.  The young person seemed far more able to accept them.  It sounded very basic but the young mans defences were withdrawn, together we found a common interest in sport which allowed me to accompany the young person in other areas of independence such as budgeting, helping to clean his flat and life skill activities.  We were able to access local clubs and the young person was able to participate and channel his energy in a positive manner.  

It can be very satisfying to provide young people with opportunities to pursue alternative challenges.  This particular person was keen on boxing and excited about achieving a reasonable level of fitness. 

This allowed the young person’s self esteem to improve; he was able to constructively display his anger.  The young person became more confident and was willing to embrace other areas of his placement. 


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