A Young Persons Voice

NSCM works with YP/A who have experienced or are experiencing life changing circumstances. The poem below provides a vivid insight into the fear that a young vulnerable care leaver may experience. It was written by a 15 year old girl in care who was about to reach 16 years of age. 

No matter how young people may present themselves, we at NSCM are acutely aware of the steps they have to take towards independence and how frightening it may be for them. 

“I’m lying here in my bed
With thoughts running through my head
I’m nearly 16, ready to go
How I’ll cope I just don’t know.
I really need help to understand
Without messing my head around
How to cook, clean and shop
And also where I’m gonna stop.
Sometime I sit here and say
Things weren’t meant to be this way
I sometimes this isn’t fair
I shouldn’t be in care.
I should be with my family and friends
Where they say love never ends
I see families all happy and sweet
They look full and complete.
If only I could turn back time
Then things as home would be just fine
But that was then and this is now
Me? Survive Out there? I don’t know how,”
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