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Next  step  and  me,  so  far .. 

The  Next  step  team  have  been  working  with  me  now  for  eight  months.  In  that  short  time,  they've helped  me  considerably.  I  had  to  move  from  Birmingham  to  live  in  Telford  for  two  months  when  I'd failed  to  find  Uni  accommodation  in  time.  Next  step  worked  with  my  Personal  Advisor  to  provide  the accommodation  and  did  everything  to  make me feel  comfortable  and  help  me  settle  in.  M and D helped  me  move  in to  the  flat.  M  offered  to  give  me  lifts  to  and  from  the  station  when  she could  as I  needed  to  commute  to  Birmingham  for  the  two  months  that  I  was  in  Telford  for  work.  She  also showed  me  around  the  area  so  I'd  know  where  the  local  shops  were.  She  did  a number  of thoughtful little  things,  such  as bringing  over  a  plate  of  roast  dinner  one  night!  I'm  so grateful  for  the  care  and thoughtfulness.  I  realise  that  her  acts  of  kindness  were  not  part  of the  job  description  and  she  really did  not  have  to  go  out  of  her  way  to  do  these  things. 

Annie  was  introduced  to  me  a  couple  weeks  after  I'd  moved  in  and  is  currently  my  support  worker. She worked  with  me  alongside  M and  my  Personal  advisor.  She  helped  me  improve  my  budgeting, really  focused  on  money  management  and  helped  me to  tackle  and  clear  my  overdraft.  When  I  moved back  to  Birmingham  to  complete  my  second year  of  Uni,  A  visited  every  week  or  so to  check  in with  me.  We'd  go  to  the  gallery  or  cinema  or  just  have  lunch.  She  constantly  reminded  me  that  she and  the  Next  step  team  were  there  if and  when  I  needed  them.  Just  after  Christmas,  she delivered  an amazing  gift  basket  that  the  team  had  put  together  for  me.  I  was  overwhelmed.  It was  such  a  lovely gift  and  so  much  thought  had  gone  in  to  it.  I've  even  asked  A  to  be  my  birthing  partner  after finding  out  I  was  pregnant.  She  happily  accepted  and  has  been  supportive  throughout  my  pregnancy as  has M  and  the  team.  They  have  given  so many  of the  items  that  I  needed  and  helped  me  to  shop for  the  rest  as well  as providing  storage  for  the  items. 

I'm  so  grateful  for  the  support  that  Next  step  continues  to  provide  and  I'm  confident  that  my  final  of Uni  and  my  first  year  of  being  a  mother  will go smoothly  with them  by my side. 



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