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Next Step provides good quality one and two bedroom accommodation, which is furnished appropriately and decorated to a clean, hygienic standard.

We strive to find accommodation for people in areas which are safe for them to come and go as they please.

Our accommodation is inspected weekly for health and safety reasons.

As well as having a Health and Safety Officer in each team, we have a Housing Support Administrator for tenant/landlord liaison.

In addition to this, we have Maintenance Officers attached to each area team who, in cooperation with the landlords, are responsible for the general upkeep and security of accommodation.





Matthew Williams TESTIMONIAL

My relationship with Next Step or should I say, Dave, Karen, Julian and Peter started in 2006, when I bought a tenanted investment property in South East London.  Taking over the tenancy was the beginning of what I can only describe as a mutually beneficial relationship.  Over the years and tenancies in four of my properties thereafter, NSCM has become my preferred tenants largely on account of the professionalism, friendly but professional disposition, honesty and integrity of its staff.  I believe this must be a reflection of the organisation’s corporate culture.  The staff are responsive – quick to address issues, very responsible and fair-minded in their dealings with me. 

Renting my properties to Next Step gives me the confidence that they will be well taken care of.  They have excellent handymen/trades people, one of whom – a gas engineer, I have taken on to carry out work for me over the years and I have not set my eyes on him!

They pay my rent promptly.  I cannot recollect a late rent payment but I can remember ones paid a few days earlier.

I cannot wish for any other tenant in my property and such a passionate and enthusiastic bunch of people to work with!

"Until you try, you don't know what you can't do."

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